Issue 1 – Art Expression (December 2021)

Cristina Rodriguez is now an established model and magazine editor that has published her first issue of a new magazine that she has created. A couple years ago, I had the priveledge to collaborate with Cristina for her first professional photoshoot. When Cristina still lived in Missouri, I was able to work with her on five different occasions and we created some of the best images of my career. For her first issue she asked to feature SNH Photography and I was happy to comply. In this issue, my wife and I were featured as the team behind SNH Photography. Along with a personal feature there were multiple images of Cristina from a shoot in Jefferson City and the Lake of the Ozarks.

Also as a bonus feature, Samantha Coglan was featured in one of her amazing cosplay shoots. This shoot showcased one of her first World of Warcraft cosplays. Sam and her husband Ian have gone on to create other WOW cosplays that are amazing. If you are interested in cosplay I would recommend that you go to their socials and see some of their more recent projects.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of features that I was blessed to receive and I look forward to see where Cristina and all of her endeavors go in the future.

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Cristina Rodriguez’s Lake of the Ozarks Shoot
Cristina Rodriguez’s Jefferson City Shoot

Samantha Coglan World of Warcraft Cosplay Shoot